Where We Left Off In Jessica Jones Season 2's Dramatic, Friendship-Ruining Finale

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It’s time to hang up the leather jacket and finish off the last of that whiskey bottle because Marvel’s Jessica Jones is coming to an end. While the third season of the series was maybe not planned to be the final series, Netflix sadly canceled each and every single Marvel series, which leaves Jessica Jones’ already planned season 3 to serve as the final bow for everyone in Hell’s Kitchen.
While it still remains to be seen just how everything wraps up, as we head into season 3 of the series it’s time to revisit how we got here in the first place. Season 1 of the series dealt with Jessica (Krysten Ritter) fighting off inner and outer demons, both manifesting in the form of the purple man, aka Kilgrave (David Tennant). Jessica is able to defeat him in the end, with the help of her best friend/foster sister Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), but the repercussions for her actions linger on well into Jessica Jones season 2. How can she consider herself a hero when she’s just killed someone, and also does she even want to be a hero? The answer is, obviously no. Jessica tries so hard to not be a hero in a strange, roundabout way, she actually ends up being more of a hero than she anticipated.
Season 2 dives into more of this big hero questions, while reintroducing us to Jessica’s mother (surprise! She’s not dead!) and also putting Jessica at odds with literally everyone. Will she be able to fix any of these relationships in season 3? We'll have to look at where she's been to understand where she's going:
Jessica Jones
Not only did Jessica manage to survive her family’s car crash all those years ago, but her mother, Alisa (Janet McTeer), did, too. However, her mother went through intense reconstruction due to the shady IGH organization, which gave her intense mood swings and also enhanced powers. Jessica is able to make some amends with her mother and eventually decides to flee the country with her.
However, Trish has other plans. Trish shoots and kills Alisa in front of Jessica, claiming she did it to protect her sister. This leads to a huge falling out between the two of them, with Jessica shutting Trish out of her life. The season ends with Jessica heading downstairs for dinner with her building’s landlord and son, Oscar and Vido. Her mother wanted her to be “normal” and a “hero” — not necessarily together, though — and she starts trying to do just that.
Trish Walker
Trish has never been shy about the fact that she’s incredibly envious of Jessica’s superpowers. So, she decides to undergo the same procedure Jessica went through in order to enhance herself. While the procedure starts, it doesn’t finish, but Trish still ends up with some unspecified powers — possibly just heightened reflexes?
In order to try and save Jessica from her monster mother, Trish tracks the two of them and kills Alisa. This completely shatters her relationship with Jessica, as the two end the season completely at odds.
Jeri Hogarth
Jessica’s sometimes employer and personal lawyer discovered that she has ASL, and is being forced out of her law firm (she’s also slowly dying from the disease, and is having trouble coming to terms with that). But, Jeri (Carrie Anne Moss) isn’t going to let anyone push her around, especially when she’s down. She manages to uncover all sorts of horrible things about her coworkers and manages to out them, one by one. Also, remember when Jeri’s current girlfriend accidentally killed her ex-wife? Yeah, Pam’s in jail for killing Wendy and Jeri is less than sympathetic about it.
Jessica managed to save Malcolm (Eka Darville) from Kilgrave’s grasp during season 1, and he’s returning the favor by teaming up with Jessica during season 2. However, Jessica treats him like crap. By the end of the season, he’s decided to leave Alias Investigation and go work for Jeri, helping her do all sorts of shady things.

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