Father’s Day Gifts That Are More Creative Than A ‘World’s Best Dad’ Mug

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
Father’s Day is almost here, and, as a daughter, you don’t want your gift to feel like it came from just anyone. The relationship between fathers and daughters is a unique one — and while it can be difficult, it can also be very rewarding.
One 2011 study found that girls whose dads were active and present in their childhood had fewer behavior problems and ranked higher on intelligence tests later in life (the study notes that kids without present dads who had strong relationships with their moms or other caregivers also did well). One 2012 study found that women in late adolescence and emerging adulthood who had warm and supportive relationships with their dads were less stressed. And while it makes sense that it’s important for dads to show support and care to their kids, other studies have shown that silly, goofy play also plays an important role in parent-child bonding. So maybe you should be celebrating your dad’s worst dad jokes.
When choosing a gift for your dad, it’s best to think about what he likes. Does he love grilling, or does he prefer the opera? Does he want a special dinner with the family, or would he prefer a more active activity, like going hiking together? Whether your dad prefers sentimental presents, joke gifts, or something practical, we hope you can find some inspiration here.

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