Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16, Episode 5 Recap: Why Kim Kardashian Kept Her Law Ambitions A Secret

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True story: In middle school, my AIM username was "legalyhotbrunete" — a nod to Legally Blonde and spelled incorrectly on purpose because do you remember how hard it was to nail down a username back then?). So, imagine my utter surprise when I see that this week's episode of KUWTK is called "Legally Brunette," referring to Kim Kardashian's career moves. Great minds, ladies, great minds.
In addition to this very specific callback to my pre-teen years, here's the highlights from this week's episode. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence was there.
Kim K Is Out. Kim The Lawyer Is In.
Kim reveals she kept her law school ambitions a secret because her journey towards becoming a lawyer is about her and the memory of her father, not the public or her fans. Her decision is also not about her husband, Kanye West, but luckily he is supportive of her decision. Kanye expresses his faith in her and her capabilities as a budding attorney. He is even willing to sacrifice attention to let her spread her legal wings. (And we know how much Kanye depends on attention from Kim... remember episode 2?
Miss Art Vandelay
Ah, the artistic genius that is Khloé is back. Scott and Khloé have a plan to sell her sophomoric Pinterest-inspired paintings to the public, so Scott gets them appraised. However, the gallery owner basically calls them trash. Not one to be told "no," Scott goes to Kris. Together they decide to sell the art on Scott's Instagram (it's unclear if Scott actually replied to any DMs and sold any paintings), and things really escalate when the pair take a nude drawing class. (Khloé was, ironically, not invited).
While they are working on their potential art careers, Jennifer Lawrence shows up via FaceTime on Kris' phone. It's a nice reminder that she is, at this point, like family for the Calabasas crew.
Mason, Man Of The Hour
Our man Mason got his first one-on-one interview this episode. Like his father, he is really stepping up to the plate this season as the only stable guy on the show, with the exception of Corey Gamble. And he's only 9. He helps Reign order food at a restaurant, cuts up his food for him, gives speeches at local charity centers, and even gives his mom good advice.
I feel like he has a really good kid therapist.
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
“Mom? Cheers to that.” — Mason
“Call Kris Jenner” — Khloé
“I am the new Kris.” — Jennifer Lawrence
"My wife's a lawyer now, bet you I can get out of this contract, then." — Kanye

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