Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16, Episode 4 Recap: Bali Brings The Good Vibes

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Episode 4 of season 16 of KUWTK and it's still Bali on the mind. The family — Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and the kids — are all still soaking up the sun, the good vibes, and maybe a supernatural encounter or two.
Good Vibes Only (Pt. 1)
The mommy drama between Koko and Kourt is over, but it has left Kourtney willing to work on herself and her bad habits, like being too self involved. "I'm working on relationships" Kourtney tells her oldest son, Mason. "Like...hitting on people?" he asks. She says, no she means like with her family, not her love life. He agrees, and adds that she should spend less time on Instagram. When your pre-teen tells you you're too obsessed with Instagram, you know it's bad.
"This is what I need," Kourtney says after speaking with a Bali guru. "It's about strengthening your relationship with others, God, and nature." A changed woman! She spends the rest of the trip embracing her three pillars.
Meanwhile, Koko and Kim are working on their relationships with the not living. "It's like our thing," Khloé says of her and Kim's interest in communicating with the supernatural. The sisters decide to embrace their otherworldly side and things get weird. (Kim is very into zen these days.)
The two meet with Mas Joko who is apparently world-renowned in whatever he does. During their session with him, a guy sucks on a bamboo straw on different parts of their bodies. Then, they ask for a lock of Kim's hair to help get rid of the extra acid in your digestive system, but she can't totally oblige because she she has extensions. Their gurus face when he hears she is wearing fake hair is absolutely priceless — imagine a world where you didn't know who Kim K. was, and what hair extensions were. So pure.
Kourtney and Scott decide to their reading session together to see if there is anything they can glean as parents. The intention of their reading is not to talk about their relationship with each other. But, the spirits and universe have other plans. Mas Joko says that the two are soulmates and it's their choice if they want to embrace that and stay together or not.
Scott very maturely uses this opportunity to say that history has shown that they are better off just parenting together, especially since he is in a serious relationship with Sofia Richie. To neutralize this energy, Mas Joko give them each an egg to....boil. (They boil it, I did not hear him tell them to boil it, but they do.) But, they're still unsettled by the experience, as one would be.
Hearing about Kourt's emotional experience, Kim and Khloé are a little pissed off this is the kind of stuff they wanted to hear.
Good Vibes Only (Pt. 2)
Remember how Kim and Khloé were pissed with their first Bali reading? They're back for me. After hearing that Kourtney got some "past life" action, the other sisters are jealous and find a new guru. Kim wants to talk to dead people, dammit!
Enter: Ratu. He is now the healer of the hour, and the girls are very into him: "the bun, the jewelry." They're fucking psyched, until he starts "cleaning" Khloé with burps. Actual burps. I getting nauseous. Next, their asked to put scarves on their heads, but this is exactly what they asked for, because they asked for a healer not a medium. At this rate I think they need to do just a smidge more research before they bother any other Balinese residents.
During their failed experience, Kourtney is getting her groove back in the biggest, messiest way. Kourtney is turning into an Eat Pray Love poster child at a mud pit where she reconnected with nature with the assistance of a lively crew of Bali locals, leading her in her quest. At the end of the day, Kourtney admits that she has never felt better.:"I feel like I have been more self-aware and I can't wait to bring everything I learned back home with."
Good Vibes Only (Pt. 3)
Take 3: Kim is not leaving Bali without speaking with the dead! The crew finds a medium who is willing to help them communicate with loves lost — but Khloé didn't realize that also meant current loves lost when the medium says that Tristan Thompson is a cheater. No joke. More on that in a minute.
First, Khloé and Scott have a frank conversation about his and Kourtney's relationship. They also talk about Sofia in earnest for like the first time on the show. Khloé lauds her for being mature about it, especially considering how close Scott and Kourtney are. Khloé is pretty concerned with how Sofia would feel about hearing that Scott and Kourtney are soulmates, but Scott doesn't think Sofia will be upset. He also acknowledges is previous fuck-ups and makes it clear that soulmates or not, Sofia or not,"I feel like I will forever be making up for that lost time for the rest of my life," regarding his club days as a father and partner.
God, this episode is getting real! Next up, with a decorative coconut in hand, Kourtney listens while Scott uses his conversation with Khloé as a catalyst to address the healer's comments with her. "He wasn't telling us anything we don't know," he says. Kourtney, for the most part agrees (it's hard to tell behind her shades, and unfazed facial expressions). They both realize that they have hit a new level of parenting together — they are soulmates in a sense, and they will be in each others lives forever, romantically or not. Ending the convo strong, Kourt does some of her new healing moves, which, with her trendy teeny tiny sunglasses, make her look like a forgotten Matrix extra.
Okay, Tristan: a blind palm readers comes to meet with Koko and Kim and immediately upon taking Kim's hand, she says their grandmother wants to enter the room. Next, their father enters the room, and the palm readers tells her that her fourth child will be Rob Sr. reincarnated. Now, it's Khloé's turn. She tells her that she is smart, but lacks self confidence. She also tells Khloé that the cause of her unhappiness is the man that she is with, which makes Khloé admit that she has been doubting herself and her relationship ever since the cheating, too.
Afterwards, Koko tells Kourtney straight up that the medium called Tristan a cheater. Medium words are sober thoughts — that's how the saying goes right?
The trip ends with one final big meal, a huge fireworks display, and a ton of positive energy. Good vibes only! Which means no Tristan Thompson!
Kardashian's Secret
I have nothing to add to this. Here's a photo. This was probably an ad.

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