An Ambulance Was Spotted Near Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Home

Photo Credit: Karwai Tang / Contributor.
Have you ever wondered: What if Marvel's biggest movie — and possibly the world's biggest movie, Taylor Swift's biggest rebrand, and the biggest royal baby birth of the year happened on the same day? Well, that day could be today.
According to reports out of the UK, an ambulance was spotted near at Frogmore home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which lead many to believe that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child will be entering the world any minute now. (Others think that Markle may have already had her baby...) But, the report was quickly debunked as conflicting claims spill out of the UK.
It started when Express wrote about an ambulance being spotted in the vicinity of Frogmore cottage, where Markle is reportedly planning a home birth. Those following the pregnancy know that the expected due date is early May, and with just days left in April, it's go time any day now, so the timing does make sense.
Additionally reports said that a helicopter has also been spotted circling the couple's estate.
However, soon after Express' article made the rounds on the internet, a senior editor for CNN's London bureau debunked the claim that the ambulance was headed to Markle's home.
In the tweet, David Wilkinson says that the ambulance was in the area, but had on relation to the delivery of the baby. This means that the remaining options surrounding the baby are: born and not born. Kensington Palace, the source of all the royal news, has not yet confirmed or denied any of the reports.
"Royal baby silly season" indeed. Get ready for more conflicting reports as the world braces itself for the royal baby.
We will be updating this post as new information becomes available.

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