Emilia Clarke Gives A Critical Breakdown Of Dany's Thoughts During Last Night's Cliffhanger

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To people not in the Game of Thrones universe, finding out that a love interest is actually a relative would be devastating. But in a world full of dragons and Night King's, that isn't in the case. This proved itself true once again in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, where Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) revealed that among troubling news, her priorities are a little different.
In the second episode of season 8, Daenerys learns that her lover Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is actually Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark: her nephew. Jon, who found out the news in the season premiere, is preoccupied over the fact that he isn't Ned Stark's son and that the woman he loves is technically his aunt. Daenerys, however, is more upset by the fact that he's the last male heir of House Targaryen, therefore having a better claim to the Iron Throne than she. During the intense reveal, a sound signaled that the White Walkers were approaching, and that the battle would soon begin, and that the episode was over, leaving us to wonder what was really going on in their minds.
Much of the public were quick to relate to Jon's reaction more than that of the Mother of Dragons, but Emilia Clarke explained to EW that her character's reaction makes complete sense given her history.
"This is my whole existence," said Clarke. "Since birth! Dany literally was brought into this world going: RUN! These fuckers [in Westeros] have fucked everything up. Now it’s, ‘You’re our only hope.’ There’s so much she’s taken on in her duty in life to rectify. There’s so much she’s seen and witnessed and been through and lost and suffered and hurt to get here … and Jon doesn’t even want it!"
And when it comes to the incest, Clarke noted that at least for Daenerys, this isn't apparently as much as an issue due to the culture among Targaryens.
"The related thing, to her, is so normal," said Clarke. "She could have easily married her brother. It’s not a thing. It’s a thing for Jon, but let’s just forget about that. The main thing is we’re up for the same promotion and I’ve been working for it for my entire existence."
Following last week's premiere, Harrington explained to EW what was likely going through Jon's mind, which is quite different than that of Daenerys. “He doesn’t fucking want [the Iron Throne]. He doesn’t want that fucking information. He doesn’t want to know. He has no ambition for the throne. He’s never wanted that. The end of the world might be coming soon but at least he’s in love with somebody and knows who he is, and then comes this sledgehammer."
For now, however, the two will have to put this life-changing news aside and focus on the upcoming battle with the Army of the Dead, which will play out during next week’s 80-minute episode. And if they both survive, then they have a lot to talk about.

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