The Someone Great Cast’s Amazing Chemistry Is All Thanks To Brunch

Photo Courtesy of: Sarah Shatz/NETFLIX.
Part of what makes Netflix’s Someone Great really effing great is how in sync cast members Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow, and DeWanda Wise are the entire movie. And the film’s writer/director, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, told The Hollywood Reporter that it all started over brunch.
“It was kind of a sleepy, stuffy restaurant in Beverly Hills, and we were all just screaming,” Robinson recalled. “It was mayhem. I am so surprised we didn't get kicked out.”
Robinson continued on to say there was so much instant chemistry between the four of them that it felt like “lightning in a bottle.”
Someone Great isn’t your typical romantic comedy. Instead of focusing squarely on the beginning of a relationship between two leads, Robinson’s movie deals with the aftermath.
Jenny (Rodriguez) is moving from New York to San Francisco for a job and her boyfriend of nine years Nate (Lakeith Stanfield) breaks things off. What follows on the eve of Jenny’s departure is a powerful story of friendship illuminated by an awesome soundtrack, cheeky one-liners, and plenty of moments that will leave you sobbing. Notice I said sobbing instead of just plain ol’ crying.
Take our word for it: this movie is a must-watch and the chemistry between Jenny, Blair (Snow) and Erin (Wise) is so electric on-screen that even Robinson wouldn’t mind recreating again.
“I would love our own cinematic universe where we can play with genres and make really fun amazing films about women where we continue to work together,” Robinson recently told Refinery29. “I want to make a heist movie with them.”
Jenny, Erin, and “Bad Blair” robbing banks? Oh yeah, we’d definitely watch.

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