Colton Gave Cassie An Engagement Ring You’ve Seen All Over Instagram — & She Returned It

Photo Courtesy of: ABC/John Fleenor.
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, the newly minted Bachelor couple, have had their fair share of drama thus far: fence-jumping, morally questionable virginity speculation, and a rare surprise finale. Their latest relationship trial? A “basic” engagement ring.
Cassie and Colton are together but not officially engaged, so ABC didn’t pay for a Neil Lane engagement ring for them, as is customary with the couples that decide to get engaged. (Because, as everyone knows, monetizing important life decisions is a great idea that always ends well for everyone involved.) But Bachelor superfan Jimmy Kimmel decided to pull his weight with Neil Lane and get a ring for the couple anyway.
The problem? The ring that Colton gave Cassie — a double-halo cut diamond, which has a ubiquitous presence on Pinterest and Instagram — uh, isn’t exactly her style. So she returned it.
Here's an example of a double-halo ring:
In a teaser for an upcoming appearance on E!’s LadyGang, Colton said he didn’t order the ring, which co-host Jac Vanek called “the most basic bitch ring in the entire world,"himself, so he supported Cassie’s decision to exchange it for something else. Either way, they decided to call Cassie up to see why she returned the ring.
After being told she was on speaker phone, Cassie gave the diplomatic response that she “just had a very particular idea in [her] mind” when it came to her ring. So, case closed.
To be fair, Cassie shouldn’t be forced to wear an engagement ring she (presumably) hates for (presumably) the rest of her life. And clear, open communication about conflicts, no matter how big or small, is a typical hallmark of a healthy (non-rushed) relationship. So, hey, this might just be proof that Cassie and Colton will make it after all.

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