North West Wore Black Lipstick To Church — & The Internet Has Thoughts

Photo: Rich Fury/Forum Photos/Getty Images.
Sundays have taken on an entirely new meaning at the Kardashian-West household. The family has been hosting "Sunday Services" that serve as a weekly worship session and feature celebrity attendees, new Kanye music, and daughter North West jamming away as seen in clips posted by mom Kim Kardashian West.
Each week, the internet has been obsessing over North grabbing the microphone or showing off her best dance moves — but this Sunday's session stirred up different reactions after people spotted the five year old swaying to the music wearing a black dress, a big smile, and black lipstick.
While many people found North West's coordinating look (plus, her epic moves) to be a whole mood, others criticized Kardashian West for letting her daughter wear makeup to a Sunday service. "She's adorable but why is she wearing lipstick to church? She's too young for makeup in public," wrote one Twitter user. Another said, "Um, isn't she a little YOUNG to have dark lipstick on? and tons of it?? gimme a break already."
But many more fans came to the defense of Kardashian West, pointing out that how she chooses to parent North West is her business. "North West wearing lipstick does not effect your life so like relax, it ain’t that serious I promise," wrote one Twitter user. "I really do not understand why people keep getting so pressed by North West wearing lipstick," wrote another. "When you had your dance recitals at 3, your momma put lipstick on you because it was a little special event, which it looks like they were at. It’s not an everyday thing people. Chill."
This isn't the first time that the reality star and makeup mogul has faced backlash for her daughter wearing cosmetics. Back in December, Kardashian West received criticism when North rocked red lipstick at their family's Christmas party. She responded to the controversy by tweeting, "She picked it though! It’s a special occasion," and took the opportunity to tease the fact that the shade was from an upcoming release. The young star also graced the cover of WWD last month wearing pink eyeliner, which came with a heavy side of mommy shaming as well.
While it's not surprising to see the young beauty influencer — who is known play in her mom's makeup stash — try a new look, it actually is new territory for Kardashian West. The mom once told us that black lipstick fell outside of her established beauty rules for the five year old. "I don't think she should wear lashes or too dark of a lipstick," Kardashian West told Refinery29 back in December. "I want her to express herself, but I want her to be appropriate, too." But hey, a lot can change over a few months, especially when you're trendsetting before you even learn to drive.

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