Proof That Black Lipstick Isn't As Scary As You Think

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images.
Most of us refer to the adage "black goes with everything" when talking about clothing because, well, it does. But slap an onyx hue onto your lips and all of a sudden you're deemed "scary," "daring," or "unapproachable." Well, we're here to prove the haters wrong. In fact, if you ask us, the same fashion trick applies to makeup, too.
"I love matte black lipstick, such a bold and arrogant shade, [it] frames every word that leaves my mouth," says Lydia Pang, daily black lipstick-wearer and creative director at Refinery29. "It underlines everything I say. Caps lock, full stop, bolded — it pronounces on my behalf."
For those used to sporting bright oranges and pinks — or even wine-reds and berries — it may feel like a leap to purchase a tube of black. But trust us when we say that the lipstick color is as flattering as it is edgy. Just ask all the celebs — including Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid — who aren't afraid to rock every variation of the color on the red carpet. Check out all the ways to try the trend, ahead.

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