The Real Meaning Behind Pete Davidson's New Neck Tattoo

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At first glance, it might seem like Pete Davidson is acting like it's the summer of 2018 again. The 25-year-old comedian has been spotted gallivanting around New York City with a new love interest: the one and only Kate Beckinsale. But this time it seems like he's learned at least two very important life lessons. For one, maybe don't go from dating to being engaged in a matter of weeks. And two, maybe don't rush to get permanently inked in honor of your new boo, either.
This weekend, during which Davidson starred in a new episode of Saturday Night Live and squeezed in a PDA-filled hockey game with Beckinsale, the comedian showed off some new ink that thankfully has nothing to do with his not-Instagram-official-yet friend.
On the left side of his neck, situated alongside two hearts that are actually cover-ups for two different Ariana Grande-inspired tats — yeah, he's got a lot of them — Davidson now has two intersecting Xs.
For some, double-X tattoos represent the phrase "where there is a will, there is a way." But for Pete, it appears this is actually in honor of one of his best friends Machine Gun Kelly. In the past, Kelly has been known use the term "EST 19XX" — with "EST" standing for "everyone stand together" and "19XX" meant to represent any age — for his closest friends and fans. Kelly himself and many of his bandmates have double-X tattoos as well.
In any case, we're just glad it's not "Kate" in big block letters. Though, based on these intimate photos, there's a good chance his tattoo artist is sketching that out now.
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