The Khloé Kardashian Drama Is So Big That Ben Stiller Made A Joke About It On SNL

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.
How can you tell when Kardashian drama reaches an unprecedented level of exposure? When your dad knows about it. Or, alternatively, when Ben Stiller makes a joke about Khloé Kardashian’s love life on Saturday Night Live.
On last night’s John Mulaney-hosted SNL, Stiller made a cameo as Michael Cohen in the cold open, which parodied the former lawyer’s ongoing congressional hearing. In it, Stiller’s version of Cohen read an opening statement that Cohen said he wrote himself (with some help from the screenwriters of Green Book, of course), in which he made a reference to Kardashian’s ongoing drama with Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods.
“In conclusion, I know that I was wrong, and I know it because I got caught,” he said as part of the bit. “For too many years, I was loyal to a man when I should not have been. Now I know how Khloé Kardashian feels.”
Some other highlights of the cold open include an appearance from Bill Hader as an extraordinarily angry Rep. Jim Jordan and Stiller reading lyrics to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” as part of Cohen’s opening statement.
But we have to wonder: Did a Gen-Z SNL staffer write Stiller’s joke? Or does Stiller really have an opinion on Woods, Thompson, and how Kardashian are handling the whole situation? We may never know for sure, but, either way, you should probably prepare to hear some Kardashian jokes from your dad next time you call home.

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