The Biggest Beauty Moments You Didn't See At The Oscars

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
Despite all the drama that ensued prior to this year's 91st Academy Awards, the show did go on — and how. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga almost made out (that's what happened, right?), Rami Malek professed his love for Queen and Lucy Boynton (then promptly fell off the stage), and Spike Lee won his first Oscar (not counting the honorary statue he received in 2016). Overall, the night end up being something special... or, at the very least, something worth tweeting about.
But that only accounts for everything the cameras managed to catch. Turns out, what's going on behind-the-scenes — as crews of makeup artists and hairstylists run around ensuring everyone looks perfect for the entirety of the show's three-hour runtime — is just as exciting as what's happening on stage and broadcasted to 30 million people.
Unfortunately, we're not privy to all that — at least, not normally. Then, we met Bruce Grayson, the makeup department lead for all backstage beauty work that happens during every major awards show, including the Oscars. Grayson and his team of artists aren't just responsible for the presenters who prep their jokes backstage, or the host (when there is one), but all the winners after they exit stage right and head to a tent filled with reporters waiting to interview the newly-minted Oscar winner.
For all intents and purpose, Grayson's makeup green room — and massive kit — is what prevents historic beauty catastrophes from happening (just think of all the mascara-stained streaks of tears we might've seen without him). So, we decided to tap him for all the juicy info that went on during this year's Oscars, from what it was really like to have a hostless show to Olivia Colman's insane (and amazing) Best Actress upset. His answers, ahead.

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