We Need To Know What Cardi B & Lady Gaga Are Talking About In This Video

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
When two queens meet, what do they talk about? If those two queens are Lady Gaga and Cardi B at last night's Grammy Awards, then unfortunately we may never know.
But OH MY GOD do we want to! Cardi made it known she was a huge fan of Gaga in their Grammy meet cute and from their effusive body language as the two spoke (captured, naturally, by a nearby human with a cameraphone and Instagram) seems to indicate that the feeling is mutual.
There is so much hand waving and heart touching happening, this can't possibly be just a simple "I love your work" conversation...right?
Infuriatingly, the audio doesn't catch what the two Grammy winners are saying but it does show Gaga standing over Cardi, who is in her seat during a commercial break, giving what appears to be the world's greatest pep talk. Gaga has her serious Mother Monster face on as she points at Cardi with one hand, and holds her other, and then the two hug. That's where the cameras got them in the photo, above — roving show photogs also took note of the duo hitting it off and asked them to pose for some shots. Everyone knows a "can't miss" moment when they see one.
Maybe — and we're just spitballing about things in the realm of possibility here — this could mean there's a collaboration between Gaga and Cardi in our future? A "Shallow" remix? A "Finesse" of their own? Lordt please let it happen!

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