Lady Gaga Is Having The Best Night Of Her Life

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Should we start a petition to rename the Grammys the Gagas? I'm not kidding! Tonight is all about Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta), and the show hasn't even started yet!
The singer is being honored across the world (literally) for her achievements in singing, song writing, and performing, and there's honestly no one better deserving. It's in the best interest of anyone who appreciates music, Gaga, and a constant stream of happy tears to keep tabs on the A Star Is Born star tonight, which is why we are following around Gaga all night, noting her best moments, all leading up to — finally — the big "Shallow" performance.
Here's everything that Gaga did tonight at the 61st Grammy Awards. (Okay, and a little of the BAFTAs because she is That Good.)
She won the BAFTA for Best Film Music.
Her partner in crime Bradley Cooper accepted the award for Best Film Music in London while Gaga prepared for her Grammy performance with collaborator Mark Ronson. Upon hearing the news (and seeing Cooper's A+ facial hair), she curled up into a little ball. No really, she curled up into a little ball and cried of jubilation.
She won the Grammy for Best Song Written For Visual Media
Gaga received her first stateside honor of the evening alongside Cooper (songwriting), Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, and Anthony Rossomando (all producing).
She worried that she may not be able to wear make-up
Happy tears still lead to mascara smears.
Now would also be a good time for me to express that Bradley Cooper should be tweeting emoji-filled messages for Gaga in return!
She won the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance
The singer won high praise for her track, "Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?" The fact that is feels like that song and album came out 7 years ago doesn't matter because it's what Gaga deserves after that impromptu Las Vegas duet with Cooper. It's what she deserves. On Twitter, she cried again, writing, "Thank you so much for this gift I am completely shocked. 2nd Grammy win of the night I am so overwhelmed by this kindness."
She owned Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.
Not to be dramatic, but Seacrest should be embarrassed for his red carpet behavior. Props to Gaga for calling out the red carpet host for thrusting his hot mic in her face just expecting her to speak into you. "You didn't ask me a question," she said, as she dodged the mic.
She took this perfect picture with Jennifer Lopez.
She opened up the show with Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lopez, and Michelle Obama.
The five queens opened with emotional and inspiring monologues. Gaga talked about how early on in her career she was deemed "weird" and told that she wouldn't even make. And look at her now! Everyone wants to take another look.
She won AGAIN for "Shallow."
Gaga started out her speech by saying she was missing her other half, Jackson — I mean, Bradley. “I wish Bradley was here!” she said, before she went on to the more emotional part of her speech. “If I don’t get another chance to say this I just want to say I am so proud to be a part of a movie that addresses mental health issues. They’re so important. A lot of artists deal with that and we got to take care of each other. If you see someone that is hurting, don’t look away. And if you are hurting, dive deep and tell somebody and take them up in your head with you.”
Gaga is also nominated for an Oscar for Best Song (her and Cooper are slated to perform on February 24), and she's pretty much a shoo-in to win, but it was sweet hearing a more sentimental speech from her that isn't about 99 people being in a room.
She admitted she was having, like Baby in Dirty Dancing, the time of her life.
The meta JUMPED out. It takes a mastermind to create the turducken of songs. As Ally as Lady Gaga, the singer stomped her feet, and thrashed her head, and looked angrily into the camera with a stare so deep I felt it in my soul. And I liked it? Okay no, I loved it. Still, it was weird. But weird is good — just think about "Hair Body Face." That was weird! But also great. Touché Ally. I mean Gaga.
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