How Many Times Is Kylie Jenner Going To Tell Us She Is Married Until We Believe Her?

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The secrecy and confusion surrounding Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's supposed marriage are, at this point, akin to those of a rumored Beyoncé album or the next Marvel movie. At this point, we're wondering how much more back-and-forth we can take.
But because we love this sweet, sweet torture, here we are again back in the rumor mill — this time, however, the evidence looks pretty good.
On Tuesday, Jenner posted three shots of herself from a recent photo shoot on Instagram, with one caption reading, ""extraño a mi esposo," meaning "I miss my husband" in Spanish.
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extraño a mi esposo

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Scott and Jenner are known to call each other "wifey," "hubby" and similar pet names (to the public's continued confusion), but somehow "husband" seems more serious.
Much of the evidence points to the fact that the two aren't married. People was told last Friday that the two are "are looking to get married soon." Scott already told Rolling Stone in an interview last month that he plans to propose "in a fire way,” so as far as the public knows it hasn't happened yet.
The mystery around their marriage is much like that of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin (now, a Bieber herself), who seemed to have kept rumors circulating to keep them relevant and constantly in the public eye. Whether the marriage has happened or not, we're happy to continue to happily suffer as we're kept on the edge.
Free idea, Travis: Propose at the Super Bowl.

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