How To Read More In 2019, According To Your Favorite Authors

illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
We could talk about the virtues of reading all day. Reading has been proven to make us smarter, more empathetic creatures. Plus, it's a blast (or at least it is with the right book). But actually carving time amid the daily chaos to sit and get lost in sentences can seem daunting — or near impossible.
Still, it's totally feasible to fulfill the noble resolution of reading more books. We called on the reading pros for advice. By "reading pros," we mean people like Crystal Patriarche, who has to read two to three books a week for her job as the CEO of Bookspark, a book publicity company, or your favorite authors, who read to hone their craft and because reading is their first love. Everyone we spoke to has a different strategy for choosing their next read, for balancing budget with desires, and for weaving the habit into their lives in general. Patriarche's trick? "I always have a book for the standing still and waiting around times, like at doctor's appointments or my sons' soccer practices — that's when I get the majority of the reading done," she told Refinery29.
Our advice is simple: Track your reads — and set a goal — with the Goodreads reading challenge. Plug into Bookstagram for recommendations and a lively community. Always read with a pen in hand. Use audiobooks to turn household drudgery or commutes into activities you actually enjoy.
Now, onto the the pros' tips on turning reading into a habit, from useful apps to "pop-up book clubs." Expect further entries as the year goes on, because there's an infinite number of tricks for fitting books into your life. Good luck, and happy reading.

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