Kanye West's Drake Tweets, Explained

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Kanye West has many things to say to he’s saying those things to Twitter. West and Drake recently became entangled in a very public feud that stemmed from Drake’s other very public feud with Pusha-T. And now, Kim Kardashian has also joined in, backing West's claims that Drake and his team "threatened" their family.
But let's back up a little. In May of 2018, Pusha revealed on his track "The Story of Adidon" that Drake has a child, whom Pusha alleged Drake was “hiding” from the world. (Drake would go on to talk about his own child on his album Scorpion later in 2018.) West is a producer on Pusha’s album Daytona, and Drake allegedly believes that West told Pusha about his baby in the first place.
Then, West dropped his 2018 album Ye just weeks before Drake's Scorpion, raising eye brows as the feud escalated. The final straw appears to have been rumors surrounding a track Drake had been sitting on in which he raps about an alleged affair with West’s wife.
With all this adding up, West has finally aired his side of the dirty laundry to the public.
On Thursday, West shared a text from a person named Free, which states that Drake sent a “clearance request” to West for his own track “Say What’s Real.” (Drake’s song features a sample of West’s “Say You Will.”)
“This proves shit faker than wrestling,” the mogul wrote.
That particular tweet opened the floodgates. In a series of tweets that followed, West wrote that he has tried to talk to Drake for months, but alleges shady behavior from the “I’m Upset” star.
“Been trying to meet with you for 6 months bro. You sneak dissing on trav records and texting Kris talking bout how’s the family," wrote the rapper, referencing West's mother-in-law Kris Jenner and his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Travis Scott.
West also confirms in the Twitter spree that he did not spill any tea to Pusha, writing: "I told you I ain’t tell Pusha about your son."
Still, West seemed to really want to bury the hatchet with Drake.
“It’s all love bro bro but don’t play with me. You stay too close to be playing all these industry games bro," West wrote, before adding: "I would never intentionally try to hurt you bro I never even heard none of the diss records. That ain’t my MO never did a diss record.”
He also claims that Drake owes him a formally, face-to-face apology, for not respecting the mental health issues he is dealing with.
"Sending purple emojis When I’m dealing with mental shit I need my apologies now Not through scooter either Not through Travis."
Then, West gets into the hot goss. He references Pusha’s allegation that Drake paid men to jump him at Pusha’s Toronto concert.
“This ain’t about who could pay to have something done to somebody. This man to man bro This been bothering me too long.”
He then calls Drake out for allegedly buying 200 tickets to a Pusha concert, so that the seats would be empty. (That’s 50 Cent level of petty, if true.)
“Buying first two rows at Pusha show got me hot bro.”
But THEN. After tweeting for nearly an hour, Yeezy revealed that he did, in fact, get Drake on the phone:
“Drake finally called,” West wrote, before adding: “Mission accomplished.”
Alas — as a perfect button to this Twitter spree — he had one more message for Drake, that he apparently preferred to deliver over social media.
“By the way… not cleared,” West wrote, accompanied by a laughing/crying emoji.
Later on that night, and into the early morning, Kim Kardashian logged on and shared her two cents on the matter. The star, unsurprisingly, sounded off in defense of West, claiming that there would be no Drake with Ye.
West also tweeted about an alleged threat, telling Drake to not mess with the father of Chicago.
Travis Scott then entered the conversation when West revealed that his sort-of brother-in-law may be involved in a diss track for "clout."
Beyond that, West tweeted literally one hundred more short messages of forgiveness and apologies (not formally directed at anyone) and appears to have moved on to tweeting about J.P. Morgan.
In the end, Kardashian was the one to end things (sort of) by writing a short and sweet ode to West.
Drake? Your turn.
This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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