The Most Binged Hulu Show Proves Two Million Of Us Love To Cry

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
This year, content creators released what seemed like an endless supply of TV and streaming shows. Of course, the crazy amount of TV out there didn’t stop us from binge watching our favorites. With the end of the year approaching, Hulu has taken stock of which shows on the platform were the favorites amongst bingers, and, surprise, surprise — tears, tears, and more tears kept us hooked.
According to new data released by Hulu, over two million people watched the very emotional This Is Us for more than five hours in a single day. Though not a Hulu original — a la The Handmaid’s Tale, the series that earned Hulu’s most-watched episode award with its season 2 premiere — the NBC family drama is made available on the platform the day after each episode airs.
It’s understandable that people would be hooked on the Pearsons: This Is Us crushed it in the ratings from the get-go. (Prior to the show’s 2016 premiere, a record-breaking 50 million people watched the This Is Us trailer on Facebook.) It’s also a family drama that loves a good mystery and delights in a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.
While fans watching on NBC week to week waited nearly two years to find out how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) really died, those binging the show on Hulu need only to plow through episodes to get to the heartbreaking truth and toss their slow cooker in the trash.
Or maybe it’s just the fact that This Is Us elicits so many feels — just what you want for a rainy day of binging TV. You’ll swoon, you’ll weep, and you may even throw something at your laptop when you realize that no, you won’t learn who “her” is until well into season 3. It’s all part of the fun.
Want to join your binging (and weeping) pals? Strap into this rollercoaster of emotion and catch up on This Is Us before season 3 returns in 2019.

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