Officially A Jonas: Priyanka Chopra Changes Her Name On Instagram

Photo: Pallav Paliwal / AFP/Getty Images.
Priyanka Chopra has made it official on Instagram. Shortly following her and Nick Jonas’ much talked about wedding, she changed her name on Instagram to Priyanka Chopra Jonas.
There are so many stages of a relationship nowadays. You date, you become Instagram official, you get engaged, you post the ring on Instagram, you get married, you change your name on Instagram.
Recently, it seems like all of social media has been basking in the glow of Jonas and Chopra’s love. The couple provided plenty of behind-the-scenes footage from their big day and everything leading up to it, from the bridal shower to their families celebrating Thanksgiving together and their wedding day. We saw it all: her 75-foot-long veil, their 18-foot-tall wedding cake, the fireworks. It feels like we’ve been with the couple every step of the way.
Priyanka Chopra / Instagram.
We’ll have to wait and see if she will go the way of Hailey Bieber and use her new name professionally or stick to Priyanka Chopra in the credits, but she seems pretty excited about the change in her personal life. Chopra Jonas posted a photo to her Instagram story that shows name cards for both of them with her new name written in sophisticated calligraphy.
Priyanka Chopra / Instagram.
While it may be more official than when we would write Jonas at the end of our names in our notebooks dreaming of marrying a Jonas brother, in our hearts, it feels the same (okay, maybe not).

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