Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 15, Episode 13: The True(th) Is Here

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"It's 11:02 and...don't worry, you'll be good." Those are the words of comfort spoken to Khloé Kardashian at the beginning of the dramatic 13th episode, "The True Story," which picks up right where episode 12 left off. It's finally time for True to be born, and for Tristan to get a talkin' to.
But more than a reckoning for Tristan, this episode becomes a study in support. Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Malika Haqq, and Tristan devote all their attention towards Khloé. Even Kylie and Kendall Jenner call in to witness their big sister's big moment. It's a testament to the strength of family, resilience, and (eventually) settling the score. Now let's get to recapping the highly-anticipated episode, which starts in an emergency room in the middle of Ohio.
The Birth
It's April 12 2018 and Khloé's in labor in Cleveland, with Tristan Thompson by her side. Immediately upon arrival (Kim and Kourtney cut it extremely close and arrived via private plane after Khloé had been in labor for 8 hours), the entire family unites to support Khloé and essentially ignore all the tension in the room. Kim is here to support Khloé, not start World War 3. Or at least that's what she says. They all keep it "cute." But that doesn't stop Kim from throwing in a few hateful stares in Tristan's direction.
Literally the whole family – the whole family – FaceTimes into True's birth. It's a fully involved situation, but most interestingly, Tristan is there. He stands by Khloé's side for the duration of the birth, while maintaining his distance from the rest of Khloé's squad. No one mentions the cheating, or the scandal, or the rumors, or how much they hate him. And just like that, True is born, at 4 a.m. on the dot. Kris got to deliver the baby, and, thanks to the beauty of technology, the whole family gets to witness the big moment.
And just in case someone missed a second or two, there's no need to worry. The cameras are there for all of it. For. All. Of. It. The footage isn't graphic in the slightest, but wow, Khloé really let cameras film the entire birthing process. Despite her openness in filming the birth of her first child, she isn't so open up about her relationship status.
"My focus is not if we are going to be together or not," she says. "My focus is on my daughter."
As if right on schedule, Tristan, while holding True, remarks,"They say girls change your life."
The Aftermath
Kris gives Khloé three gold bracelets that she saved for 34 years. The bracelets were originally a gift from Khloé's late father, Robert, to Kris, as a push present when Khloé has born. It's a sweet full-circle moment that makes Kris cry, and Khloé declare her mother one of the sweetest women in the world.
Still, in the aftermath of the birth, Khloé can't deny the "elephant in the room" which is the scandal surrounding Tristan that reached its peaked just hours before True was welcomed into the world. And even though the birth went off without any serious hitches, the conversation surrounding Tristan's infidelity isn't going to get off as easily. "He obviously fucked up major," Khloé tells the camera. But any thoughts deeper than that aren't totally coherent in her current state of mind.
After Khloé has True, the real drama starts. The sisters and Tristan sit down for an off-camera conversation, where more candid thoughts are shared. Candid thoughts, according to a conversation with Cici Bussey, which include Kris telling Tristan that he can date "Instagram whores," but not her daughter at the same time. Kim's take is that the only "remorse" Tristan feels is stemmed from his basketball career, which is suffering from the scandal.
At the end of the day, Khloé knows a serious conversation is in store, but on their own time as a couple.
But the entire post-pregnancy time isn't all about Tristan drama – True starts to adjust to life in the spotlight. She may only be a few days old, but after her very publicized birth, she needs to embrace being in front of the camera. After a few cameras flash in True's room while a nurse changes her diaper, the nurse asks the new mom if she thinks the flash will bug her. "She better get used to it," Khloé responds. "True," the nurse responds.
True. In more ways than one.
Later, Kim goes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in a pre-planned press appearance, and talks about Khloé's current situation with Tristan. She says the whole situation is "fucked up" and tries to justify talking about her sister's private situation on a talk show, but it doesn't go over too well with Khloé. It doesn't go over well with Tristan either, who gets upset with Kim for stirring the pot. In response, Kim famously unfollows Tristan on Instagram, and takes a firm stance: No more Tristan.
The Reunion
Oh God, we have to talk about Kim's 20 year high school reunion don't we? It's...such a major part of the episode even tough it is such a minuscule event compared to True's birth.
Here's what you need to know: Kim loved high school. She had a “group of us that were best friends." She used to get bikini waxes in a weird "shapes." And, most of all, she's happy to reconnect.
Essentially, Kim talking about high school is the most infuriating thing ever if you didn't yourself love high school. And literally no one loved high school. So. Thanks for the memories, Kim.
Our weekly round-up of the craziest one-liners from the episode (these are all out of context because it makes them funnier):
"I don't want my vagina on anyone's FaceTime." – Khloé

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