Tristan Thompson Was In The Delivery Room With All The Kardashians & The Clip Is So Revealing

Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images.
After a long build-up, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is finally getting to the juicy stuff. The juicy stuff being the Khloé and Tristan Thompson scandal that rocked the family earlier this year. After months of teasing, a new clip from this Sunday's upcoming episode reveals what happened in the immediate aftermath of the news about Thompson's infidelity. And it's very revealing.
Just days after finding out that Tristan was unceremoniously kissing other women at a New York night club, Khloé went into an early-ish labor. Her mom and older sisters rushed up to Cleveland to be with her, and (despite rumors otherwise), so did the father of her soon-to-be born child. So, yes, Thompson was in the delivery room with Khloé and company.
"The vibe in the room is calm," Kim Kardashian says in a voiceover in the new clip. For the most part, the family made Khloé's comfort a priority, putting all this tension on the back-burner. "As much as I want to go off, I don't think it's the time. I'm going to keep it cute. I don't have to have a lot of interaction, I just want to be there for her," Kim says.
But, never one to resist a good joke, Kim stands behind Thompson at one point during the pre-delivery hang out (it truly is a hang out — Kylie Jenner FaceTimes in, and Kris Jenner does a little dance) and makes a throat-slitting motion. She does this about 8 times just to prove her point. The family may be acting sweet, there's still a lot of sour feelings toward the tallest guy in the room.
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