The Antichrist Is Going To Stir Up Drama On House Of Cards

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By “the Antichrist,” I mean the guy who plays him on American Horror Story. (Nope, the final season of House of Cards will not swerve hard into magical realism, but wouldn’t it be a treat if it did?!?)
Back in February of 2018, it was reported that American Horror Story’s Michael Langdon, aka Cody Fern, would join season 6 of House of Cards as a series regular in an undisclosed secret role. At the time, Fern was best known for his role on a different Ryan Murphy series: American Crime Story’s sophomore season The Assassination of Gianni Versace, where he played killer Andrew Cunanan’s one-time lover David Madson.
Now, of course, Fern’s name will forever be associated with the apocalypse. As Langdon — son of “pure evil” and also technically the offspring of Murder House characters Tate (Evan Peters) and Vivien (Connie Britton) — Fern has played truly diabolical, murdering anyone who dares stand in his path of destruction, eating a human heart, and being really, really mean to the wildly insecure Mr. Gallant (also Peters).
So what will his House of Cards character be like? Probably worse, in the sense that the real monsters are human. In an interview Fern gave with Entertainment Tonight back in March, he teased:
“No one's a good guy on this show! No one. That's what I can tell you.”
Yes, the role is that much a secret, which makes me wonder if, perhaps, he’s playing some mysterious love child of President Underwood — as in, Robin Wright’s new character. Fern certainly gushed over her with ET.
“Listen, everyone is just so thrilled to be supporting Robin [Wright], and I think that she is a powerhouse, and it's been about Robin since season two, and anyone who's in denial of that hasn't been watching the show… I mean, what [Wright] is doing with Claire Underwood is phenomenal.”
Hmm, maybe we should take a break from analyzing our American Horror Story theories and start seeing where Fern will fit into all of this House of Cards drama?
The sixth and final season hits Netflix November 2, 2018.
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