Every Theory We Have About American Horror Story: Apocalypse

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No one gets out of American Horror Story unscathed. Season 8, however, may just put the characters of Ryan Murphy's spooky anthology series through the most trying trials and tribulations yet. The new season, subtitled Apocalypse, asks what happens after the end of the world. In case you didn't already suspect this: it's nothing good.
As with every season of American Horror Story, Apocalypse promises to surprise fans with insane twists and sometimes downright diabolical turns. There's no way to predict what will happen from moment to moment.
But, damn it — we'll try. As we move through this season of AHS, we will update this post with our most up-to-date theories and suspicions. Who will survive the world in its post-apocalyptic state? Who won't? And will the witches really save us all?
Here's everything we think we know about the new season. Though really, there's no way Murphy and Co. won't leave us with our jaws on the floor regardless.
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