The Twisted Premise Of Each American Horror Story Season So Far

Looking back, I can honestly say that the first season of American Horror Story absolutely, undeniably messed me up. Had I lived in a sleek, modern home decorated with colorful accent pieces and tulips, the show probably wouldn’t have ruined me the way it did. Unfortunately, I live in a century-old, creaky house populated by trinkets, antiques, and history, much like the Harmon’s house in Los Angeles, the setting of Murder House. The more I watched of AHS, the bigger my own fear became. By the season’s end, I carried around a pair of kitchen shears whenever I was alone in the house, just in case the Rubber Man popped out from the attic.
What fun, right? Ryan Murphy’s anthology show has a way of burrowing itself under your skin. Nine seasons it, it’s hard to keep track of the different fears, neuroses, and horror stories each season explored.
As the show goes on, threads from each disparate season are woven together. Twisty the Clown from Freak Show, for example, has a prominent role in Cult. Here's what you need to keep track of the seasons that have come before, so you can watch out for signs of a cross-over.

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