Witches Are Casting A Spell Over Pop Culture

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Here be witches. And by "here," we mean in the cultural zeitgeist. While there's never been a time devoid of witches (never forget The Craft), 2018 is providing these spellbinders with quite the moment. Maybe it's because, in the real world, women are taking their power back. After all, who said that the term "witch" (or even "witch hunt") had to have a negative connotation?
In the case of the characters on these upcoming TV shows and movies, witches are anything but bad... well, mostly. But even the ones who are less than Glinda-level good? They're still symbolic of the immense power that women wield. Really, is there a more appropriate time for these ladies to stake their claim in pop culture?
From comic book adaptations to reboots of beloved sitcoms, we will soon be swimming in magical programming. Read ahead about all the witchy stuff we can look forward to.

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