Is This How American Horror Story Season 8 Is Bringing Back Your Favorite Dead Witches?

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Did Ryan Murphy just tease that he's reuniting his witchy girl gang?
Ever since it was announced that season 8 of American Horror Story would be a crossover between the anthology's Murder House and Coven seasons, fans wondered exactly who from each season would return. While we know that Jessica Lange will reprise her role of failed Hollywood star Constance from Murder House and that Cody Fern would portray her now-adult Antichrist grandson Michael Langdon, we were in the dark about how many of the Coven characters would return.
Now it seems that alumni from Miss Robichaux's Academy will head to the small screen — possibly to thwart the apocalypse.
According to creator Ryan Murphy's new tweet, a slew of Coven stars will join the eighth season of the FX series. That includes one rockstar/white witch.
"Guess who's coming back for AHS APOCALYPSE? Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy and....Stevie Nicks. So thrilled the family is together again! #AHSApocalypse"
It's unclear who these stars will play on the new season — subtitled Apocalypse — but given that all of these actors portrayed witches in the same coven, it sounds like they will be reprising their roles from the show's third season.
This is awesome, if a bit confusing news. That's because a lot of these actor's witchy characters are now dead. Frances Conroy's Myrtle Snow was famously burned to death in Coven while screaming "Balenciaga." Lily Rabe's witch Misty is also deceased, as her body literally disintegrated during a particularly heartbreaking scene in Coven. Though Gabourey Sidibe's Queenie survived Coven, the "human voodoo doll" was killed by a thirsty vampire (Angela Bassett) when Sidibe reprised the role for season 5's Hotel.
Then again, a new clue from the teaser for American Horror Story: Apocalypse could hint at a solution for this problem. The trippy teaser spends a lot of time focused on an hourglass, one that gets flipped over and seems to be counting down to the end of days. Except, what if it actually represents the ability for these witches to alter time? Maybe the way for the coven to save the world involves going backwards in time — and potentially saving the witches who did not survive previous seasons.
Anything is possible on American Horror Story, and no matter who these stars play, I'm just thrilled we're getting more screen time with them.
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