What Can AHS' Michael Langdon Do Besides Creep Everyone Out?

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Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) has quickly proven he’s the most malevolent force in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Yes, Ms. Venable (Sarah Paulson) is out here stopping teens from having post apocalyptic sex, and Ms. Mead (Kathy Bates) is faking radiation stunts to literally get away with murder, but no one is creepier than Michael Langdon. This is a guy who not only looks like he walked off of The Twilight Saga’s Volturi set, but comes equipped with snakes and ghosts in sex dungeon-ready outfits.
Since Langdon, the son of human Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) and ghost Tate Langdon (Evan Peters), is doing the most this AHS season, we’re left with a lot of mysteries about the all-grown-up character. After all, a lot has happened since we last saw Langdon in the season 1 finale, when he was revealed to be a murderous toddler. Chief among our present day Langdon-related questions is what exactly he can do as the apparent antichrist, as he was dubbed in utero during American Horror Story: Murder House.
Now that Apocalypse is in full swing, we’re starting to get some answers. Keep reading for a full explanation of Michael Langdon’s complete devilish abilities.
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Michael Langdon Can… Approach The Powers Of The Supreme

Much of fourth episode "Could It Be... Satan?" is dedicated to explaining how the magical community learned of Michael before his supernatural successes. This is when we learn the Hawthorne School For Talented Male Warlocks recruited Michael as a teen and he quickly surpassed their wildest expectations.

The most notable detail from young Michael's backstory episode is the fact he was able to overcome the dark magic of season 5's Hotel and the literal machinations of hell prior to the events of Apocalypse during multiple flashbacks. These are challenges even Supreme Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson, again) was not up to.
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Michael Langdon Can… Commune With Satan

"Forbidden Fruit" quickly announces itself as one of season 8's strongest, weirdest episodes. The scene that immediately bolsters the installment is the haunting moment a nude Langdon repeatedly cuts himself and creates a pentagram with his own blood, just to commune with his "father," Satan.

The conversation works and Langdon assumes he has figured out how to handle the witch in his midst (Billie Lourd's Mallory). It's terrifying, especially when a black-eyed Langdon announces "Ave Satana" at the close of his devilish communion. Well, certainly one person hails Satan: Langdon.
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Michael Langdon Can… Conjure Rubber Man

Before Langdon arrived at Outpost 3, there was no Rubber Man to be found. After he arrived, there was a whole lotta Rubber Man strutting around. In second episode “The Morning After,” the gimp-suited spectral presence hooks up with Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters, again), hovers over Emily (Ash Santos) and Timothy (Kyle Allen), and attempts to seduce Gallant a second time.

It’s unclear if Langdon literally takes his dad everywhere — never forget Rubber Man is Tate Langdon in his most disturbing disguise — or uses a conjuring of Rubber Man to find out the secrets of everyone around him.

As Langdon does tell Gallant early in “Morning After,” “Tell me who you really are.”
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Michael Langdon Can… Play The Weirdest Psychosexual Mind Games, With Magic!

Speaking of Rubber Man, late in “Morning After,” Rubber Man goes to seduce Gallant once again. Gallant is convinced Langdon is in the suit. Angered that Langdon claimed he would never sleep with someone as desperate as Gallant, the hair stylist goes along with the hookup… and then stabs Rubber Man to death.

Cut to, Gallant’s bedroom door magically opening, a judgy Langdon standing there alive as ever (confirming he’s not in the bloody gimp suit), and Gallant looking back at the corpse on the bed. It’s no longer Rubber Man's dead body — it’s his nana Evie (the venerable Joan Collins).

Gallant thought he was macking on, and murdering, Rubber Man, when it was really his grandma. Only the antichrist could come up with such a bizarre nefarious scheme.
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Michael Langdon Can… Survive The Radiation Of Nuclear Fallout

When Langdon arrives at Outpost 3 in premiere “The End,” we see his horses have been violently corrupted by radiation poisoning following the nuclear attacks. Langdon, on the other hand, is as fresh as a daisy.

Emily and Timothy take Langdon’s health as evidence the outside world isn’t as bad as they’ve been told. But, it’s far more likely Langdon’s survival amid the conditions of nuclear winter is actually the result of his vast dark powers.
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Michael Langdon Can… Do A Lot Of Stuff With Snakes

This guy loves snakes, apparently. In the same way there were no Rubber Men in Outpost 3 before Langdon’s appearance, there were no snakes falling out of closets onto unsuspecting young women. Now, poor Emily’s room is absolutely filled with them. This is not a coincidence.

Langdon is seemingly randomly filling Outpost 3 with the very biblical creatures. And when the shelter’s residents cook them, the snakes come back to life just to terrify everyone during a perfectly lovely dinner.

For the antichrist, this is a very heavy-handed reminder of the whole snake-devil metaphor.

Later, in "Forbidden Fruit," a bunch of snakes slide out of a pentagram designed by Langdon in the middle of his communication with father Satan.
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Michael Langdon Can… Keep The Wifi Running

Ask Emily and Timothy, who read through his emails. Honestly, if the world ends, you might just want to be hanging out with the antichrist at that point.

The ability to stream unending Netflix offerings would clearly make the end of the world more bearable.

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