Looking For A Sugar Momma Relationship? Here's How To Avoid The Scams

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Sugar dating burst onto our radars in the last couple years. While some people are very open about their experiences as a sugar baby, sugar daddy, or sugar momma, there isn't a lot of reliable information out there about what the best apps and websites are for meeting people interested in this particular dating arrangement. A good sudy (a website or app for people to find sugar mommas or sugar daddies) is hard to find, but we dove deep into the internet to find which ones are the best and how to spot the fakes.
People pursue sugar dating for all number of reasons, though many have a common theme: they are all looking for a relationship that is on their terms. "If I’m being truly honest, and maybe this is something my therapist would agree with, but I guess I wanted to have my cake and eat it too," one sugar momma told Refinery29.
The trouble with trying to find a sugar dating arrangement online is that many of them are scams. A quick search in the app store produces countless apps for sugar mommas, but many apps have a suspiciously high number of nearly identical reviews. We found that some of the best options were in front of us all along. Click through to see several new and familiar apps and websites for sugar dating that aren't secretly scams.
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Seeking Arrangement

Don't let the suave man and woman with a knowing look in their eyes on the landing page fool you, Seeking Arrangement isn't just for sugar daddies. Promising a fast and free sign up process, the service is both online and in app form.
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Reddit has sub groups for just about anything you can think of, and that includes sugar dating, specifically women looking to be sugar mommas and people looking to date sugar mommas.

One of the most popular is r/CougarsAndCubs. With a whopping 8,400 plus subscribers, there are plenty of people posting asking questions and sharing their experiences in addition to looking for partners.
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Good old Tinder. So versatile that it will forever be apart of every dating app round up. Just be sure to set your age preferences to your desired age range.

The only downside is that not everyone in a given age demographic on Tinder will be looking for a sugar dating arrangement, but as one of the most popular dating apps, your chances of finding someone are good.
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Of all the dating apps we found mentioned in Reddit threads about sugar dating, OKCupid was one of the most popular. Like Tinder, you'll need to set your age preferences to the desired range, but among the sugar dating community, this seemed to be the go-to app among the ones we know and love.

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