Put Down The Frosting & Just Go Buy These Halloween Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Halloween is one of those holidays that truly separates the talented craftspeople from the, well, less-gifted. At last, those of us who are more of the Nailed It school of decorating than acolytes of Martha Stewart, Patron Saint of Halloween, can walk through this season sharing treats with our heads held high. Krispy Kreme just launched a "collection" of doughnuts for the holiday that are perfect for bringing to the office party, or just keeping to yourself.
At least two of these Halloween doughnuts, which are available through tomorrow, October 31, aren't just pretty orange things. The flavors sound like perfect blends of everything we love about this month that does not include the phrase "pumpkin spice." According to a Krispy Kreme press release, the new doughnuts include the Trick-or-Treat, which is an original glazed number "dipped and drizzled" in salted caramel and covered in chocolate Halloween candy. There's also the Monster Batter Doughnut, which has a cake batter filling, slime-green icing, monster eyes, and confetti. There are also two older standbys, the Jack-O-Lantern and chocolate iced doughnuts with Halloween sprinkles, which are actually just regular Krispy Kremes with thematic decoration. As if "just regular Krispy Kremes" were ever a bad thing.
This is way more exciting than adding candy corns to some dry store-bought cupcakes. It also makes up for our heartbreak upon realizing that Grub Street writer Chris Crowley was absolutely correct when he blew the lid off the apple cider doughnut conspiracy last month. Boo, indeed.
While Krispy Kreme's Halloween collection does sound like an excellent option for sharing, the company also announced a treat for its extra-festive customers who come into the store: If you wear your costume to a participating Krispy Kreme tomorrow (October 31), you can get a free doughnut.

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