Nailed It! Is Coming Back This Holiday Season

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Usually you have to wait until winter to find out whether or not you've been good enough to deserve holiday presents. This year, however, we found out early, and apparently, we've been really good. Today, Netflix announced that Nailed It! will return for a seven-episode special this December. We're not sure what we did to deserve so much of this hilarious baking competition show full of seriously epic fails in a single year, but we'll gladly accept the gift.
According to Netflix's announcement, Nailed It! Holiday is similar to the past two seasons of Nailed It! except for one key difference. This time around, all the challenges will be a holiday-themed. Last season, Nailed It! gave us a taste of that with one holiday baking episode — remember the one with the ginger bread houses and the revelation that French people dip their shortbread cookies in red wine? — but in this special, there will be even more of those festive tests.
Most excitedly for us as viewers, both comedian Nicole Byer and pastry chef Jacques Torres will return as the lead hosts and judges on Nailed It! Holiday. We're sure the contestants will be happy about that as well since Byer and Torres make such wonderfully supportive baking mentors. Now, all we have to do is add another Queer Eye-Nailed It! cross over to our holiday wish lists, and hope that our good behavior gets us one of those, too. If so, it could be the best holiday season ever.

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