The Limited Edition Halloween Candy You're Going To Want To Save For Yourself

For some, Halloween looks like a night out filled with calculated costumes, expensive Ubers, and over-crowded parties. But for others, this spooky holiday is prime time for a Netflix and candy night in (a.k.a. our exact game plan for the upcoming occasion). When we've outgrown trick-or-treating and are tired of bar-hopping dressed as sexy animals, we can always fall back on Halloween's one truly timeless allure: limited edition candy.
Each year we look forward to the return of spooky-fied classics onto store shelves — like Cadbury Scream Eggs or Reese's infamously blob-shaped, pumpkins. But what really gets us screaming are the limited edition sweets that are making their first-ever seasonal debuts. Ahead we've lined up the ten brand new treats dropping for Halloween 2018, from glow-in-the-dark chocolates to "Monster Munch" cookie dough and even sour candy corn gummies. Scroll on to menu plan for your own night of Netflix and candy on October 31.

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