ALL The Halloween Candy, Ranked From Best To Worst

This story was originally published on October 29, 2016.
Sadly, we're too old for trick-or-treating. As a result, Halloween as an #adult means we're swapping out candy for cocktails. Candy-corn Jell-O shot cocktails, to be exact. Although if we're being really honest, I'd rather trick-or-treat at 26 than have a night like this.
As we reminisce about the good old days, when October 31 was the MOST magical day of the year, the same conversation seems to come up. Well, it's more of a heated debate or full-on argument — and it's all about candy rankings. Bring up your favorite candy (REESE'S) and somebody is bound to go head-to-head with you on the merits of a Kit Kat.
After Gordon Ramsay chronicled (or rather screamed) his least favorite Halloween candy eats on late-night TV, I was inspired to rate all the candies that showed up in my jack-o'-lantern bucket as a kid, once and for all. Ahead, find all the go-to Halloween candy, ranked from best to worst. Shoutout your favorites (or where you completely disagree) in the comments.

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