The Ghost Of Pumpkin Spice & Other Trendy Food Costumes To DIY This Year

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
With October just a week away, the Halloween countdown is about to commence — and this year, we're going the DIY route. Because not only do self-assembled costumes save you from throwing down $60 at a cheesy pop-up Halloween store, they also look way cooler than anything that comes wrapped in plastic could ever hope to. So go ahead and tell your friend who already started planning some intricate group idea that you're doing your own thing this time. (Come on, 'Khaleesi and her dragons' is so last year, anyway.)
Instead of obvious, overdone costume ideas, we're looking to food as the inspiration for our Halloween dress code. But not just any old apple or banana suit. These costumes will bring a dose of pop culture to the party — and can be easily assembled from goods we either already own or can scoop up on the cheap at a nearby craft store. Whether it's a fashionable play on the polarizing pickle trend, an understated ode to the plastic straw ban, or even a strong interpretation on Antoni Porowski's avocado-love, the five costumes ahead capture the major food moments of 2018 with witty subtlety. Scroll ahead to get the recipes for an effortlessly stylish, original, and affordable October 31.

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