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Why We Chose "Godparents" For Our Marriage

Press play to see exactly how Evonne and Sean celebrate the value of their cultures on their wedding day.

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No request is too big and no intricate detail is too small when it comes to the "Big Day." But why do we get married the way we do? World Wide Wed explores the customs and traditions that define weddings around the globe — and shows how today's multi-cultural couples are making their ceremonies uniquely their own.
On this week's episode of World Wide Wed, we head to Ash, England to witness the marriage of Evonne and Sean. Since Evonne is originally from Sierra Leone, it was important to both her and Sean to incorporate traditions of her culture into their wedding. This merging of traditions wasn't just for them, it was also for their son. "We wanted to have Anglo-African fusion because that's what we are, but also for our little boy as well. He's a mixture of the two cultures," Sean explains.
Throughout their wedding, Evonne and Sean's families, including their son, were able to experience each others' different backgrounds. "There's a lot of value with appreciating what different people bring to each other, and there's a lot of fun about it. Having our son and other people understand that no culture's better than each other, it's about understanding both sides and respecting both sides," Evonne says.
This exploration and admiration for different cultures that Evonne speaks of are exhibited beautifully by the couple's mothers. Brendaforde, Evonne's mother, and Stella, Sean's mother, agree that their children's relationship with one another has given them the opportunity to learn about and feel accepted by someone different from themselves.
Press play above to see exactly how Evonne and Sean celebrate the value of both their cultures on their wedding day.
Modern Wedding Blends West African & English TraditionsReleased on October 1, 2018

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