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I Am A Wedding Planner & This Is What My Wedding Looked Like

A young couple set out to plan the wedding celebration of a lifetime, and the bride just so happens to be a wedding planner herself

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If you thought Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding looked extravagant, just wait until you see Ziad and Sewar's 600-person soirée. "Ziad wanted a really, really small wedding and I like big weddings, so we compromised and ended up with a number of 600 attendees," Sewar joked before the big day.
When the couple got engaged, the pressure was on to plan the perfect day because the bride is a wedding planner. "It has to be an amazing wedding. I'm a wedding planner — everyone's going to look at our work. It's much more difficult than deciding on other people's behalf. So, it's really has been very, very, very stressful," said Sewar. Despite her concerns, the stunning event definitely lived up to expectations. It took place in Beirut, Lebanon — after a few locations in Europe didn't pan out because of after-hours party restrictions — and featured a combination of religious and cultural traditions.
After the traditional church ceremony, all that was left to do was celebrate the new union with a party that combined classic elements with the avant-garde. In this week's episode of World Wide Wed, watch the couple tie the knot and do plenty of dancing with Sewar's ornate, flowing veil.
I Am A Wedding Planner, This Is My Wedding VideoReleased on December 20, 2018

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