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This Couple's "Something Old" Is A Sweet Tribute To Their Parents

Rachel's family is Lebanese, while Sargon's is Assyrian. They wanted their Texas wedding to feature traditions from both backgrounds.

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No request is too big and no intricate detail is too small when it comes to the "Big Day." But why do we get married the way we do? World Wide Wed explores the customs and traditions that define weddings around the globe — and shows how today's multi-cultural couples are making their ceremonies uniquely their own.
In this week's episode of World Wide Wed, we head to Dallas, Texas where Rachel and Sargon say "I do." Rachel's family is Lebanese, while Sargon's is Assyrian, and together, they wanted their wedding ceremony and reception to feature traditions from both backgrounds.
Both Rachel and Sargon's parents believe in the importance of taking practices from your culture and family and continue them in a way that makes sense for you personally. "You take the traditions that you shared when you were younger, and then mold them into something that's uniquely yours," Rachel's father, Ray Larson, explains.
The couple did just that in several different ways on their wedding day. To honor Sargon's family, the Kleela — a red ribbon and white ribbon used to symbolize unity in Assyrian wedding ceremonies — from his parent's own wedding was placed in his boutonniere. In a nod to Rachel's Mediterranean roots, all the arrangements featured fresh herbs and the table settings and other reception décor included lemons and olive branches.
Press play on above to see the many other ways Sargon and Rachel incorporated both their cultures and family histories into their wedding day in Texas.
Assyrian Lebanese Wedding Traditions, PracticesReleased on September 24, 2018

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