All The New Amazon Alexa-Enabled Devices Coming For Your Home

Alexa really wants to be in your home. And chances are, the smart assistant will succeed in making it there.
Yesterday, Amazon held a surprise event to unveil its massive lineup of new Alexa-enabled devices. Where Apple and Google tend to operate by the "less is more" principal, emphasizing perfection over quantity, Amazon usually does the opposite — rolling out a ton of new products at low prices simultaneously and seeing what sticks.
This year is no different. Now, there's an Alexa device for your wall, your kitchen counter, your entertainment center, and your car. There's an Alexa device for things you didn't even think you would need an Alexa for. It's on brand: As Amazon proudly proclaims on its homepage today, "Alexa for everyone."
Although the newest devices still aren't the sleekest ones around, they do comes with prices and overall utility (almost everything works with Alexa nowadays) that's hard to beat. Ahead, a full breakdown of the new Alexa products.

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