Beware: These Disturbing TV Shows On Netflix Will Take You To Dark Places

What is it about Law and Order: Special Victims Unit that makes for such an epic binge watch? Logically, a show this disturbing should not be so easy to watch. And yet — people can't stop watching it. Coming up on 20 seasons, SVU is one of the longest-running network scripted dramas ever made.
SVU proves that "entertainment," essentially, isn't a code-word for light-hearted. It's a code-word for compelling and interesting. It's whatever keeps you watching, and sometimes that happens to be a show's more dark and horrific elements. Anyone who watched the second episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse can attest to the fact the show's most gruesome scenes are often its most thrilling.
Ahead, we've gathered the most disturbing shows available to stream Netflix. Obviously, these shows aren't for everyone. In addition to providing what makes them great, we'll also let you know what potential triggers the shows contain.

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