Ariana Grande Admits Her Instagram PDA Is "Annoying"

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If you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought, “Welp, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are at it again,” when you see yet another photo of them kissing, you’re not alone. Grande herself acknowledged that she and fiancé Davidson have been taking their public displays of affection to stratospheric levels.
“@petedavidson we're annoying as f**k, wrote Grande, in a comment reply to Davidson, after he commented on a photo Grande posted of the two of them cuddling in bed together. The photo itself is as syrupy sweet as you can imagine: a grainy black-and-white photo shows the newly-engaged couple hamming it up, with clothing conspicuously absent. It is an adorably intimate moment with Grande and Davidson, to be sure. “My baaaaaby loves me,” she wrote, in case the diamond ring, matching tattoos, and treasured family heirlooms didn’t tip you off. “More than anything,” replied Davidson, as he included a heart eyes emoji. Ah, young love.
Grande and Davidson have certainly been doing the absolute most during their social media blitz as a couple. If the inseparable pair have confounded all of us with their whirlwind romance, it’s because their alleged relationship timeline doesn’t make sense — unless you buy into the theory that they’ve been together for a while but can only now be public about it. Or, as Grande would say: “annoying as f**k.”
Ultimately, Grande seems to have self-awareness about their high-profile relationship, and understand that they are driving the narrative. We have to admit that using their social media to speculate about their wedding date and watch Davidson gush over Grande’s sensational music video is fun. For as long as they keep a sense of humor about it, we’re happy to see their love in real time. Our only request: there must be a proper roasting of this situation when Saturday Night Live returns with Davidson playing himself, of course.

my baaaaaby loves me ?

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