14 Cult Beauty Products To Score At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

There are a lot of beauty products out there, so when you’re faced with thousands of options — maybe even more — how do you know exactly what will work for you? Either you cross your fingers and take a risk, or pick the product with a bigger following than Rajneeshpuram. Our suggestion? Go for the latter. Luckily, there's never been a better time to stock up on tried-and-true favorites.
Since Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale opens to the public this Friday, we thought it was time to gather some of the best cult beauty products worth your money. Considering that the markdowns are so low even La Mer seems within reach, it’s impossible to deny that now is a better time than any to give in to the hype, open your wallet, and invest in the kind of beauty products editors and pros keep on their vanities like little trophies. Think: Kiehl's Creme de Corps, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, and Le Labo Santal 33. The best part? You don't have to worry about being disappointed.
Ahead, the best cult beauty products to buy during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. But hurry! The sale ends August 5.
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Get this buttery, sweet-smelling lotion in a supersized bottle, so you don't have to keep stealing your supply from the Equinox showers (you know you do it, too).
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As one of the most luxurious deodorants you'll ever try, it's no wonder the scent is such a cult favorite. For years, fans have loved the powdery jasmine, cashmere, and vanilla fragrance that — somehow — smells even better underneath your arms.
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Somewhere between a toner and a serum, SK-II's famous Facial Treatment Essence absorbs instantly into skin (just like water) leaving it supple and glowing. What's more, you can get two sizes of the magical formula inside this massive kit, plus a few more favorites.
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Two Oribe products are always better than one, but make them two of the most popular styling formulas by pros everywhere and you've got the best deal in this slideshow. While the texturizing spray creates the kind of sexy grit Blake Lively would approve of, the dry shampoo is an editor favorite, possibly because it smells so damn good.
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Although the name instantly suggests this cleanser is fuss-free, it's so much more than a shower basic. After every rinse, our faces feel more balanced and clean — never dry or tight. Bonus: This set comes with two sizes plus a mini exfoliating treatment.
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Just try and find a liquid eyeliner better than this felt-tip marker from Stila. It's so popular that even cat-eye amateurs praise it. This kit includes a full-size marker plus a liquid lipstick that will literally stay, well, all day.
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For highlighter lovers who want a dewy glow that also feels amazing on the skin (thank you coconut oil), there's RMS' Living Luminizer. With a universally-flattering sheen and more-natural ingredient list, this stuff is 100% worth trying. This set comes with a Lip2Cheek, Eye Polish cream, and brush, too!
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Acids are made easy with these two-step peel pads from Dr. Dennis Gross. Not only does it gently soften and exfoliate dry patches, bumps, and acne scars, but it also gets to work fast — like, wake-up-the-next-morning-glowing fast. Consider it a blessing that Nordstrom is offering 90 treatments in just one box.
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There are few things as satisfying as watching your pores purge, then dry to reveal all the gunk that was inside. The only thing better is rinsing it all away to reveal your smoothest, cleanest skin yet.
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Out of all the products Linda Rodin ever created, it's her Luxury Face Oil that stands out among the rest. Though this two-piece set (including the oil and a hand/body cream) looks modest next to the full sale roster, it's the epitome of Rodin's iconic style: simple, decadent, and chic as hell.
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Do you want glowing, smooth, no-makeup makeup that stays in place all day? Of course you do — because we all do. This trio will help make it easy on days when you're feeling drab. The primer ensures your foundation stays put no matter the weather, the Fluid Sheer is the dreamiest highlighter around (just ask any celeb makeup artist), and the li balm makes you feel like (you just made) a million bucks.
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A lot of makeup products are overhyped, but this Artis face brush isn't one of them. Luckily, it's as good as everyone says — full, stroke-free coverage — and is conveniently on sale in a pro-quality kit, including a smaller brush (perfect for concealer) and brush cleaner.
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Scoring a Dior Lip Glow is like wearing your after-sex glow all day. If that doesn't sound good enough, Nordstrom threw in a mini Addict Lip Maximizer and full-size Addict Lacquer Stick to sweeten the deal.
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We know, we know, these perfume bottles are small. (Like, really small.) But when it comes to cool-girl fragrances, there's nothing that quite resembles Le Labo's Santal 33. Bottom line: We all want it. Why? Blame the intoxicating hero note of sandalwood (one you can't ever replicate — no matter how hard you try), or blame the fact that wherever you go in New York, you'll find someone wearing it. Either way, it's deliciously satisfying on the skin, so why not splurge on this miniature version of the fragrance along with its rosy twin Rose 31?

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