The Beauty Products We Can’t Shut Up About

Here at R29, we spend a lot of time scouting for beauty products you haven't already heard of, despite the fact that there's a treasure trove of cult classics to consider. What beauty junkie, for instance, hasn't eyed a bottle of, say, that infamous NARS Orgasm blush? The ultra-luxe Eve Lom cleansing balm? We've seen them mentioned on websites, magazines, and heard about their allegedly miraculous abilities straight from the mouths of our favorite YouTubers.
So, we thought: We could do a list of the cult classics. But then, we thought: They've seen that before. That's when we decided to come up with a list of the products that make our spidey senses tingle — the bona fide, killer buys that are destined to earn cult stardom. These are the things we've seen on set and backstage, the miracle moisturizers and lippies our go-to makeup artists are constantly wielding, and the blowdry balms our favorite stylists feel lost without. They fill our very own medicine cabinets and makeup bags, and they consume an unreasonable amount of space on our desks. (It's work, though!)
Click through to see what exactly made our list — hopefully there's a product here for you. As always, feel free to fill us in on what you think should be the next big thing. We're always looking for recommendations.

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