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Here's How Your Favorite Kiehl's Moisturizer Is Actually Made

The process is mesmerizing.

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We've been loving Kiehl's decadent creams, cleansing oils, and face masks since long before the minimalist-chic products landed on shelves in Sephora this past August (but that certainly made things easier). And though you've likely already visited one of the brand's apothecary-style shops, complete with skeletons in lab coats, you haven't gotten a behind-the-scenes tour of the mega-brand's factory... until now. We went inside the Kiehl's universe to learn how they whip up bottles of the iconic Creme de Corps — the pearly body moisturizer that was our go-to for skin hydration way before we even knew about French girl beauty.
Creme de Corps starts out as a luxurious block of cocoa butter. Once the slab is chipped into smaller pieces and weighed, it's combined with apricot and sesame oil, along with shea butter and aloe juice. Once blended, the mixture gets repeatedly heated and cooled to assure that it develops its signature smooth, velvety texture. And after a viscosity test, the moisturizer is packaged into bottles bound for a Kiehl's (or Sephora) store near you.
Press play above to catch the entire mesmerizing process. Spoiler: Those shots of the cocoa butter block getting chipped is just about the weirdest — and most satisfying thing — we've seen.
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