Are Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott 2018's Version Of Jane & Serge?

Just when we thought Kylie Jenner couldn’t get any more hype (because why would being on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire be the sole magnum opus?), her GQ cover, where she poses alongside Travis Scott, her partner (and the father of her daughter, Stormi), managed to do just that. Not only did their unexpectedly normal behavior throughout the interview manage to intrigue the masses, but the imagery gave us the slight inclination that we may have finally found an iconic celebrity couple to attach our hopes and dreams to. One look at the pair's GQ shoot and any fan of beloved '70s power couple Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg will notice the striking similarity to some of their most famous editorials. Given that we're all still mourning the end of their 13-year rendezvous 50 years later, the immediate tweets comparing the two #iconic couples are resonating with us deeply.
Really though, their stories aren't — dare we say — too different. Both Kylie Jenner and Jane Birkin were introduced to motherhood at a young age — Kylie at 20, Jane at 21. The famous females also experienced messy break-ups directly prior to meeting their celebrity counterparts, with Jenner ending her two-year-long relationship with rapper Tyga only a mere weeks before making things "Instagram official" with Travis Scott courtside during an NBA playoff game in April 2017. Meanwhile, Birkin had only been divorced from English composer John Barry for a couple of months before meeting Gainsbourg on the set of Slogan in 1968. Not to mention the fact that both couples didn't take long to start families of their own — even if unintentionally.
With numerous similarities between these decades-apart couples, it comes as no surprise that stylist Madeleine Weeks and GQ creative director Will Welch would make the connection. Sure, it's not the first comparison we'd make, but it's pretty difficult to deny the similarities in both their relationships and their influence. Plus, it's not all that unusual for a magazine to recreate old images with a present-day twist, especially when there are relevant connections between the subjects (which, again, we don't make the rules, but there are!). That, and who wouldn't want to mimic a scantily-clad Jane Birkin at least once or twice?

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