Did Queen Elizabeth II Shade President Trump With Her Outfit?

On Friday, President Donald Trump had tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle while tens of thousands of people gathered in Central London to protest his visit. But, it looks like the Queen may have staged a silent protest of her own. On Twitter, one particularly perceptive user noted that HRH may have been trolling Trump with not one but three brooches worn during their time together.
Using the hashtag #BroochDecoderRing, user @SamaruiKnitter explained that she based the majority of her findings on information from the website, Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault, which categorizes itself as “one seriously unserious magpie cataloging the jewels of Queen Elizabeth II and The Duchess of Cornwall.” On Twitter, she noted the importance of brooches in Queen Elizabeth’s life, adding that everyone gives them to her as gifts. “[Queen Elizabeth] does hundreds and hundreds of appearances and maybe 95% or higher, she wears a brooch. And the brooch is ALWAYS significant,” she tweeted. And Trump’s visit was no exception.
On the day Trump arrived in England, the Queen wore a brooch that was a personal gift from the Obamas, paid for with their own money. The next day, she adorned herself with another piece she holds dear to her heart: the Sapphire Jubilee brooch, a gift from Canada — the same country Trump is currently risking a trade war with. But here’s the kicker: On the final day of Trump’s visit, Queen Elizabeth II wore the same brooch her mother wore to her father’s funeral. Yes, dear reader, his funeral. She may be against wearing wedges, but she certainly isn’t against using her clothes to send a subliminal message.
This isn’t the first time people have speculated that the Queen was throwing shade with her outfit. The suit she wore with the funeral pin is the same one she wore to Parliament following the Brexit vote, which @SamaruiKnitter referred to as Queen Elizabeth II’s “Official Outfit of Don’t Wanna.” It’s also thought that the hat she wore to the royal wedding was a nod to the European Union. And while we admit that this is all a lot of supposition on the part of, well, everyone, we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t a small part of us that was yelling ‘YAS QUEEN!’

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