How To Know Which Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device Is Right For You

Siri might have come first, but since Amazon introduced Alexa on the first Echo device in November 2014, the virtual assistant has taken over. Even after a strange laughing incident and privacy concerns, Alexa still reigns supreme, ready to offer up the day's weather forecast or tell a joke on command.
As Alexa's popularity increases, Amazon has also expanded the number of devices it is available on, from the original Echo to the newer Echo Show and Echo Look. With Cyber Monday fast approaching, you can bet the company will offer discounts on at least some of these in-house products. (To celebrate Alexa's birthday, Amazon is offering deals on nearly every Alexa-enabled device.)
How does one Echo device differ from the next and which one is right for you? Ahead, a full guide to knowing which Amazon Alexa-enabled product to buy based on your needs. Plus, Amazon is offering free shipping to both Prime and non-Prime users through Christmas, so between that and Cyber Monday, it's a great time to buy.
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