Michael Che Punked Colin Jost's Birthday Dinner With Scarlett Johansson

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An occupational hazard of joining the cast of Saturday Night Live? Having to constantly look over your shoulder in case one of your co-workers has staged an elaborate prank. For "Weekend Update" host, and red carpet-confirmed boyfriend of Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost, that prank involved an uninvited guest showing up to his birthday dinner.
The engineer of said prank? Michael Che, Jost's "Weekend Update" co-anchor. Per Che's Instagram story, Che sent an actual clown to what Che described as a "very intimate birthday dinner." While the comedian did not share a photo of Jost with said clown, he did reveal to the world the aftermath of his appearance. In a picture texted to Che, atop of Jost's head is none other than a massive balloon hat.
Jost doesn't look too happy about the whole situation. His girlfriend ScarJo, however, looks like she's having the best time ever. I mean, just look at that smile! That is the smile of someone who finds clowns absolutely hilarious. I bet Jost can't even sit through It, not because it's scary, but because he has such utter disdain for the whole clown community.
Photo: Michael Che/Instagram
Johansson and Jost reportedly met in 2006, but only began dating after ScarJo filed for divorce from Romain Dauriac in 2017. The new couple may differ greatly on the hotly-debated topic of whether clowns are funny, but it sounds like they at least enjoy one another's company. Back in September at the Emmys, Jost told Entertainment Tonight:
"[Scarlett is] pretty cool... It's hard to have a lot of complaints, she's pretty awesome...the first time she hosted [Saturday Night Live] was the first year I was a writer on the show, so we've kind of known each other since then. She's the best," the Avenger's star's boyfriend gushed.
As for Che? Well, if Jost wants to get him back for this birthday prank, he just missed his window: Che's own b-day isn't until May.

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