The Best Black Beauty Tips We Learned From Our Moms, Grandmas, & Aunties

Black girl magic didn't just come out of nowhere — it's been lovingly passed down from generation to generation. It's how our moms made every holiday season feel like a Disney movie scene, even when some of them barely had two pennies to rub together. It's how our grandmothers created haute couture from mere sewing scraps. It's in the cornrows that our ancestors wore to escape slavery, so that we can now wear them with pride on the red carpet.
The point is, the magic is very real, and it just so happens to trickle down to our beauty routines, too. YouTube be damned — some of our favorite tips come from our moms, grandmas, godmothers, aunties, and family friends. Ahead, five R29ers reveal the advice that keeps us feeling beautiful in our skin, and that we'll pass down to the next generation.

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