Everyone In Anna Delvey's Manhattan Web Of Lies

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Anna Delvey, the New York socialite that wasn't, has captured the public's fascination. The alleged grifter reportedly financed a luxurious lifestyle via a series of scams, framing herself as a German heiress when, in fact, she was a broke fraud. Ironically, the fact that Delvey (real name: Anna Sorokin) was nothing that she appeared to be made her all the more interesting. The story of how she conned the NYC elite was so captivating that Shonda Rhimes is taking it to Netflix.
Delvey may be quite the character, but she's not the only person involved in this crazy tale. After all, a con artist needs people to con. Delvey, through her posing as a German Blair Waldorf, made quite a few friends. So who is in Delvey's web, and how might they make their way onto the show? Click through to find out.
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Thelma & Louise

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Neffatari "Neff" Davis

Davis is the concierge at 11 Howard, the hotel which Delvey once used as a home base while trying to keep up her rich girl rouse. Davis was interviewed for The Cut about her friendship with Delvey, and, bizarrely, was seemingly featured in an Instagram picture with Delvey from Riker's Island.
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Macaulay Culkin

The Home Alone star was, according to Davis' interview with The Cut, an acquaintance of Delvey's. Davis recalls sitting next to him at a dinner hosted by Delvey herself.
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Olivier Zahm

Delvey was once an intern at Purple Magazine, and The Cut piece states that she was reportedly close with the mag's editor-in-chief, Zahm.
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André Saraiva

The owner of nightclub Le Baron (NYC and Paris) was also, apparently, included in Delvey's friend circle, per The Cut.
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Tommy Saleh

Marketing director Saleh met Delvey in 2013 at Le Baron in Paris during Fashion Week, and the two became friends.

"She was at all the best parties," Saleh told The Cut of Delvey.
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Sunset 🌆 #stillinmypajamas

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Michael Xufu Huang

The collector and founder of Beijing’s M Woods museum, Huang told The Cut that Delvey once asked him to pay for a vacation they were taking together, promising she would pay him back. She never did.
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Rachel Williams

A photo editor at Vanity Fair, she penned her own piece in the outlet about her time with Delvey. Their friendship ultimately cost Williams $62,000 when she was forced to pay a bill for a vacation that Delvey could not.

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