Everyone In Con Artist Anna Delvey’s Web Of Lies

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/BFA/REX/Shutterstock.
Anna Delvey, the New York socialite that wasn't, has captured the public's fascination in Inventing Anna, the number 1 show streaming on Netflix in Australia today.
The alleged grifter reportedly financed a luxurious lifestyle via a series of scams, framing herself as a German heiress when, in fact, she was a broke fraud. Ironically, the fact that Delvey (real name: Anna Sorokin) was nothing that she appeared to be made her all the more interesting. The story of how she conned the NYC elite was so captivating that Shonda Rhimes had to take it to Netflix.
Delvey may be quite the character, but she's not the only person involved in this crazy tale. After all, a con artist needs people to con. Delvey, through her posing as a German Blair Waldorf, made quite a few friends. So who was in Delvey's web? Click through to find out.
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